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Every single blade of grass
And every flake of snow
Is a wee bit different.
There's no two alike, you know.

From something small, like grains of sand,
To that gigantic star,
All were made with this in mind:
To be just what they are!

How foolish, then, to imitate,
How useless to pretend,
Since each one of us come from a mind
Whose ideas never end.

There'll only be just ONE of ME
To show what I can do.
And you should, likewise, feel quite proud
There's only ONE of YOU.

Welcome to our website


Charlotte Gender Alliance is a monthly discussion group welcoming any adult who identifies as transgender or transsexual. This includes both male to female and female to male. No distinctions will be made as to racial, religious or sexual orientation. Diversity will not only be respected; it will be honored.

Our purpose is to provide a secure environment in which there will be a mutual sharing and discussion of goals, information, opportunities and problems which are unique to this segment of the community.

  • We welcome opportunities for outreach to local organizations or businesses that have an interest in, or interact with the transgender community. Participation by any member or visitor will never be mandatory.
  • There shall be no annual dues or meeting fees.
  • Charlotte Gender Alliance is NOT intended to replace or compete with any other transgender support group which may exist now, or in the future. These organizations will have our full and unwavering support.
  • We are intended to be more than a social group, although we will have an opportunity to form common bonds. Membership in other organizations is encouraged.
  • Our meeting date will be the first Saturday of each month, beginning promptly at 5:30 PM, continuing until approximately 7:30 PM, longer if our discussion should warrant.

To ensure the security of our members, if you are interested in attending a meeting, or request further information, please contact us.

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